So I am trying to get in the habit of tweeting regularly, but what should I tweet? I don’t want to tweet just about myself because frankly, I am not all that interesting. I don’t really have much time to go searching for random articles, although I could tweet some that I had found while doing my own research. Then it hit me. I will ask! If you know of any interesting articles (Please no adult oriented things) or websites (I am always looking for links) drop me a comment. Feel free to advertise your own blog or article, but you have to be able to link to it online. Nothing that isn’t free, I am only going to try and sell my own stuff (

One last note: Unless I get a flood of links I will try to go to every single one and help promote through twitter (and maybe the blog). If your link or comment is inappropriate (according to me) it will be deleted. Almost anything helpful will work. Thanks in advance!