The Lost Colony of Roanoke is another strange occurrence to be used as writing fodder.  Again, this is only a brief summary and I encourage you to look up the full details if you are interested.

The Roanoke Colony was an attempt to establish a permanent English settlement in the late 16th-century. The group disappeared during the Anglo-Spanish War, when upheaval made it impossible for the group to receive supplies from England for about 3 years. Their fate has never been determined. During the colony’s brief existence there was much hostilities between the colonists and the natives, and alot of political unrest. Supplies dwindled and their was little to know support from England. Many speculate that most of the settlers were absorbed into the surrounding tribes of Native Americans.

Strange Facts About The Case:

  • There was no sign of struggle or battle at the settlement.
  • The word “croatoan” was carved into a post of the fort.
  • The word “Cro” was carved into a nearby tree.
  • Their departure had not been hurried They had dismantled all the houses and fortifications.