This strange occurrence has already been the subject of a famous poem entitled “Flannan Isle” by Wilfred Wilson Gibson, and the Doctor Who episode “Horror of Fang Rock”. Several others have been inspired by this story. There has been a novel, songs, and an opera made featuring the events of this tale.

When a relief team came (late) to Flannan Isle, they noticed that the light was not on in the light house. The flagstaff did not have its flag, no provision boxes had been left on the landing stage, and none of the three-man team was there to greet the ship. No sign was found of the men either in the lighthouse or on the island. Most speculate that the severe weather and/or waves caused by it was the reason for the disappearance, but stranger theories abide and the remote location of the occurrence makes it practically impossible to not imagine a more sinister reason.

Strange Facts About the Case:

  • The entrance gate to the compound and the main door were both closed.
  • The beds were unmade and the clock had stopped.
  • The lamps had been cleaned and refilled.
  • The only sign of something wrong was an overturned chair by the kitchen table.