by Elizabeth Huff

Ever get tired of going to museums to ooh and ahh over exquisite masterpieces and historic artifacts? I love the traditional museums, but every once in a while I want to be inspired by something a little out of the ordinary. Besides, I would imagine it is much easier to get the kids interested in something weird than in fine art. As a writer I firmly believe that the weird can also be wonderful, so let’s celebrate the wonderful with this collection of museums featuring anything but the ordinary.

Museum of Bad Art – Because every once in a while you want to make fun of art without getting evil looks from the curators…

Washington Banana Museum – Online museum that actually has some interesting photos and facts. I got pretty caught up in it when I was researching this post.

The Museum of Hoaxes – Pretty self-explanatory. Also Online.

Museum of Pez – Considering how collectible they are, it shouldn’t be any surprise that there is a museum. There is a physical location for this museum, but a lot of the collection is also available online.

Museum of Questionable Medical Devices – Taken off the site: the museum was the world’s largest display of what the human mind has devised to cure itself without the benefit of either scientific method or common sense.

Sherlock Holmes Museum – Located in London in the apartment where Sherlock Holmes “lived.”

Quatloos – Scams and Frauds of the financial sort. This is an ongoing blog.

Vintage Ads Museum – requires free registration.

National Museum of Health and Medicine – 25 million object collection, including the grotesque, the horrifying, and the weird.

Devil’s Rope Museum – All about barbed wire.

UFO Museum and Research Center – located, where else? Roswell, NM.

The Mutter Museum – Medical oddities and the history of diagnoses and disease. You can make a day of it by purchasing tickets to the Penn Museum at the same time.

City Museum – Here’s one that the kids will love, although just looking at the pictures on the site is enough to make me want to visit too.

The House On The Rock – An Eclectic collection of the wonderful.

Museum of Jurassic Technology – It has a  dog astronaut suit. What more do you need to know?