Heroes come in many shapes and sizes, but it seems too often we overlook the most important ones in our lives. While the person who saves a drowning child or the fireman who runs into a burning building regardless of his own safety should be recognized, there are still others who face dangers just as great, if not greater. It is not to belittle or diminish the accomplishments of those who risk their lives for others in such situations that I write this. It is merely to shed light on those who stand in the shadows.

It is one thing to be brave for a moment. Risking life once to help those around you. This is a great thing. It is a thing that not everyone can or will do. To make a career of it is even greater. To dedicate your whole being to something greater than yourself is a selflessness that we should all strive to achieve. Most of us will never make it. Not all are called to greatness after all, and even fewer choose to answer the call. Mandela is proof that even if only a few do, the world can change for the better. I hope that others will try to follow the great example that he has set, as I myself will try to do.

Will I make it? Will I become someone who others will look to and say “she made a difference”? I don’t know, but if at the end of the day even one person can stand and say I made a difference for them, I will consider myself satisfied. It  is something to keep in mind as we sit and watch our world slowly go to hell. If we do not try to change the world then it will not change. How can we point fingers at those who have tried and failed (or succeeded) in doing so, if we do not get involved? I will end this here since this wasn’t meant to be a lecture.

I will leave you with one final thought: Today the world became a little darker because a fire has dimmed, but it is up to those of us left behind not to let it die.