The Voynich Manuscript is an illustrated hand written codex purchased by Wilfrid Voynich in 1912. Although some of the pages are missing, there are about 240 that remain. It has been carbon-dated to the early fifteenth century. Just another old book you ask? Actually, yes it would be if not for the fact that the text is not in any known language, and so far no one has been able to crack the “code.” Also the illustrations in the book seem to include both the mundane and the extraordinary. Even the plants cannot be identified with any certainty as some seem to be composites and others have been completed with improbable details. Records of ownership of the book are spotty at best and various theories about the original author abound. Of course, there are also theories of the entire thing being a hoax, but that would make this a little boring so let’s ignore those for now.

Strange Facts About The Manuscript:

  • The writing contains many subtleties only seen after careful analysis, which points against a hoax.
  • None of the plants depicted in the illustrations are readily identifiable.
  • Contains many circular diagrams of an obscure nature.
  • Strong evidence that many of the pages were reordered at some point.
  • While it is generally assumed that the text relates in some way to the illustrations, it is by no means certain.
  • It is an alphabetic script, usually considered to have between 19 and 28 letters.

While there have been some claims of the script being deciphered, to date none of the claims can be verified with a complete translation.