by Elizabeth Huff

One of the hardest things for some writers is how to begin. The pieces of the story are there but that blank page is just mocking all attempts at an attention catching opening. Here are some examples of how to start your story off so that you can actually get down to writing the rest.

  • Flashback – Be careful with flashbacks and  flash forwards. In my opinion they work better for movies than books.
  • Flash forward
  • The middle of a fight (verbal or physical) – Fights get alot of attention. They pull people in and get them curious.
  • With a death – Very dramatic!
  • With a narrator – Keeping the point of view consistent is important.
  • With a character waking up – Both the character and the reader can begin the story at the same time.
  • In the middle of a different story – One of my favorite examples is a character reading a book about another character in the series.
  • With a magical/epic event – This is a great way to set the tone of the story and let readers know the stakes and scale of your story.
  • With a birth – Another dramatic event.
  • With a prophecy – This has become a bit of a cliche, so use it sparingly.