In the 1970s the Betz family discovered a mysterious spherical object in the remains of a brush fire near their home.While originally they no doubt intended it to be an interesting conversation piece, it would soon become the center of several investigations and a subsequent media firestorm.

The strange sphere seemed to have been “activated” with the playing of a guitar. It began to resonate with some of the notes and began acting strangely. Over the course of several months it would exhibit such strange behavior as seemingly controlled movements, transmitting radio signal, and odd magnetic properties. Later the family would also connect the sphere to seemingly paranormal happenings in their house like organ music that came from nowhere and slamming doors.

Though a large battery of tests were run on the object not much information is known about it. While some of this is due to the lack of appropriate technology in the 70s, part of the reason is also due to the family’s reluctance to have the sphere damaged in any way, thus scientists could not simply crack it open and see what was inside.

While there have been many theories to explain the strange ball, none have been proven 100% true. An artist claimed that the ball was his and that he had it made for an exhibit he was putting on display, others say that it was an ordinary ball bearing or valve used by some machines. Of course there are still others who believe in an extraterrestrial origin. In recent times the sphere has seemed to vanish with no one knowing exactly where it is now.

Strange Facts About The Case:

  • The only markings on the sphere was an elongated triangle. There was no signs of welding or any other man-made marks.
  • The object seemed to vibrate or give off a frequency humans were not sensitive to, but animals were.
  • The object would seem to come to a complete stop then start rolling again in a different direction, often returning to the person who had rolled it.
  • The tests concluded that there were two other round objects inside surrounded by some sort of liquid material.
  • The sphere seemed to have four magnetic poles.
  • One scientist claimed to have discovered radio waves coming from it.
  • Another scientist claims that the circular objects inside are made of heavier material than any elements currently known to man.
  • It appeared to be more active on sunny days.
  • It may have been the source of paranormal activity.