While we all have certain things we like to do for fun, some hobbies cross the line from interesting to just plain weird. These are the hobbies that make most people stop and wonder who would come up with that. Some make us want to try our hand at them, others not so much. Here are several options if you are looking for new and interesting hobby or just want to wonder about those who are currently practicing them.

Origami – This is the art of paper folding that many of us learn as children. The people who practice this as a hobby can take this art into extreme forms. Unlike the swans and airplanes that most of us learn, these creations can include various plants, animals, characters from cartoons and video games, detailed shapes, insects, and buildings. Some of them can get very complex and impressive.

Taphophilia – or “grave rubbing”, is the practicing of taking a piece of paper and pencil and rubbing to get the impression of a graves inscription and decoration. While this can be done on any grave, older and more ornate graves tend to be pretty popular.

Pooktre Art – otherwise known as tree shaping. This one requires some patience, and a bit of a green thumb. It entails shaping the tree as it grows until it is literally living art.

Hikaru Dorodango – As strange as it sounds, this hobby is all about polishing dirt. Apparently there is a certain technique you can use to do it. Sounds interesting, but I am not sure I would want to make a permanent hobby of this.

Crayon Carving – This is exactly what it sounds like. You carve a crayon like a piece of wood into different shapes and animals. Single animals or totem pole like creations, you are limited only by your imagination (well, and the size of the crayon).