So you have written the first draft of your masterpiece and it needs to be edited, or you have already edited it yourself several times and think it needs someone else to look over it. So how much can you expect to pay for editing services and what kind of services can you expect to be able to buy?

Well, it depends. You can get different services depending on who you hire and what your budget is. Also some editors may charge you a flat fee depending on the size of the project and others may charge you by hour. When trying to decide who to hire you should take into consideration the size of your manuscript (the number of pages and word count), what exactly you need to have done, what you want to have done if you are able (additional perks that you might be able to get in a package deal), the deadline you have, and the experience of the editor, whether your editor needs specialized knowledge, and your budget.

So what services are available for writers who want their work professionally edited?

First you should recognize that proofreading and editing are two separate things. Proofreading is reading over your work to look for things like punctuation, misspellings, formatting inconsistencies, and other typographical errors.

Editing is more indepth. It involves checking the overall content to make sure it is organized, and that the paragraphs flow together, and other general awkward writing.

By the way, formatting is all about the style of your work. Margins, headings, spacings, etc.