Historical and Regency romances often rely on details from the time period to add an element of believability to the story. I have included this list as a helpful jumping off point for your research. I hope it will be easier for you to look up information such as historical events, clothing, trends, etc. with actual dates. I have focused on English time periods because in my experience they are usually the ones most in question.

600 – 1200AD: Old English

1200 – 1500AD: Middle English

1500 – 1660AD: English Renaissance

1500 – 1558AD: Tudor Period

1603 – 1625AD: Jacobean Period

1625 – 1649AD: Caroline Period

1649 – 1660AD: The Commonwealth and The Protectorate

1660 – 1700AD: The Restoration

1700 – 1800AD: The Eighteenth Century

1785 – 1830AD: Romanticism

1714 – 1810AD: Georgian Period

1811 – 1820AD: Regency Period

1830 – 1901AD: Victorian Period

1901 – 1910AD: Edwardian Period

1901 – 1960AD: Modern Period

1960 – Present: Post-Modern and Contemporary Period