In the 1920s, a woman who went by the nickname of Netta Fornario died in a mysterious manner. She died on the small island of Iona, which is off of Scotland. In mid-November her body was discovered naked on Fairy Mound (which is apparently the name of the hill, although there are some articles that say she was found on an actual fairy mound which is where fairies are said to inhabit). She was lying on a large cross that had been cut from the turf with a small blade that lay close to the body.

Netta herself was a student of the occult, and believed she could cure people with telepathy. When she visited Iona she attempted to contact the “spirits” of the island through trances. By all accounts something seemed to have spooked her enough that on the 17th of November she began packing her belongings with the intention of going back to London. Upon learning that she could not immediately leave the island she apparently resigned herself to staying, and even stated that she had changed her mind and would stay indefinitely.

Strange Facts:

  • Her body was found on a remote part of the island that she had never visited.
  • She was naked except for a black cloak.
  • The night before the 17th, the woman she was staying with noticed Netta’s silver jewelry had turned black overnight.
  • There were stories of strange blue lights being seen near her body, as well as a man in a cloak.
  • There were several deep scratches on various areas of her body. None were fatal.
  • Letters of “strange character” were found amongst her belongings.
  • The night before she had mentioned seeing a “rudderless boat that went across the sky” and “messages from other worlds”.
  • Theories about her death range from hypothermia to a psychic attack to aliens.