• Outer Space/ Other Planets – After all, what better inspiration could there be for alien worlds than actual alien worlds. Hypothetical possibilities proposed by scientists are fascinating as well.
  • Ocean – In the deepest parts of the ocean you not only found strange, extreme environments, but amazing creatures with odd abilities.
  • Caves/ Underground – The creatures that live underground are fertile ground for any writer’s imagination.
  • Rainforest – This location isn’t just the home for many exotic creatures and newly discovered species, it is also home to some fascinating human societies as well.
  • Bermuda Triangle/ Devil’s Triangle – What if an entire planet was as strange as the Bermuda Triangle? What if there were as many legends and mysterious disappearances around a distant moon?
  • Scifi Movies – I am not saying to steal an alien world from Avatar or anything, but mixing and matching alien worlds seen in even the cheesiest scifi movies can help you find the perfect home for your own alien creations.
  • Animals and Their Habitats – Animal habitats, especially of the more exotic animals, can be fascinating and more creative than we usually give them credit for. Also taking traits from several different animals is a great way to add a little variety to your alien if they seem to be falling a little flat.