Confused by the title? Let me explain. We all know what writer’s block is. Even people who aren’t writers know what it is. Sometimes you just can’t think of what to write next, or how to write what you want. There are other times however that are just as bad as writer’s block.

We don’t hear much about those dark little times, or at least I don’t, but they exist. I am going to go out on a limb and say that they exist for me, so they must exist for at least a couple of other people. These are the times when you have something to write about, maybe you have a lot to write about, but you don’t want to. I have a couple of books I’m working on and this blog. I could even expand my writing activities to include promotional work. In the end it all comes down to the same thing. WRITING IS HARD!!! I don’t always want to do it even when I know I should.

I knew writing was hard when I started. I knew some people wouldn’t take me seriously unless I was a bestseller at the top of the lists. I knew I hated editing and rewrites. I knew that some days I wouldn’t be able to find the right words, or I wouldn’t be able to spell anything correctly. I knew that some days I would suffer from writer’s block. I even knew that some days I wouldn’t want to write because I would be doing other things. No one ever gave me any assurances that I would be happy. I’m still not happy with how far I gotten, despite the fact that I’ve come much farther than I thought I would when I started.

Today, I didn’t feel like writing. It wasn’t that I had writer’s block, or even that I had something else I particularly wanted to do. I just did not want to write. So I did what a lot of people do when they hit a dead end. I googled for the answer. (We all know google has all the answers). Except this time it didn’t. I got millions of hits on how to inspire writing ideas, how to kick-start the muse, how to avoid procrastination etc. But none of them really addressed my issue. I realized then that writers, this writer anyway, seems to have an undiagnosed writing disorder. The one not openly talked about.

For many people the answer is simple. You just don’t write. Start writing when you feel like doing it again. That’s not a good enough answer when you are hoping to make a career out of it. You can’t just call in sick. There are other people who may say just write anything, or switch to a different project until you feel interested in writing again, but that doesn’t solve the problem either. When there are specific things you have to write, avoiding doesn’t make anymore sense than just not doing it. So what’s the solution? How do you get your writing drive back? It’s not like I never want to write again, I just want a day off. I always knew writing was hard, but I didn’t ever think it would be this hard.

So I wrote this post. Hopefully someone can give me some suggestions because in the end the only thing I’ve got is to push through. I know this feeling won’t last because I’ve already decided that this is just the beginning for me.