Bonus points for a Star Trek reference.

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Lists! Lists are just amazing things. Lists help salve the soul and bring order to chaos. Whenever someone makes fun of me for making lists upon lists, I just smile sadly. How horrible it must be not to know the joy of a well-ordered list!

A well ordered list could save the world. Or at least, it could help you come up with a kick-ass plan to do it. ^-^

In the post just before this one, I talked about how I missed the deadline for the finished first draft of my short story, Romaine. Missed is really the wrong word, as I didn’t come anywhere close to finishing on time. Even though it was a self imposed deadline, I was pretty crushed that I wasn’t able to get it.

Well, after a relaxing anniversary weekend with my Scholar, I sat down to think about exactly why it is that…

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