* No one believed it when the parents said their child was taken by fairies, but then it kept happening. Were these just copycat crimes or was something else going on?

* The castle in the sky was an ancient artifact. Now it was impossible to reach, or to know what was inside. Still that didn’t stop the stories and legends, and it didn’t stop people from trying to reach it. What happens when someone finally succeeds?

* They thought the ancient foundations were from an ordinary building, until they found the strange symbols embedded in the ground. It wasn’t until they accidentally activated them that they found out how wrong they really were.

* She woke up in a meadow filled with flowers and light, and instinctively knew she was dead. While she may have been dead, she was hardly at peace, and she certainly wasn’t going to stay in any meadow…

* It was at the dinner party that she learned the awful truth about him. It wasn’t until later that night that he learned the horrifying truth about her.