* The fog was so thick he couldn’t see more than a foot or two in front of his headlights. Normally he would have stopped, but tonight he was in a rush. He glanced nervously at the bag sitting in the front passenger seat and looked up just in time to see the oncoming headlights…

* “I’m hungry,” the small voice, barely more than a whisper, said. She  turned to look at the child in pajamas. She wondered where he came from that he was wandering the streets so late at night.

“Are you lost, sweetie? Hold on and I’ll get the phone so we can call your parents,” she turned to reach for her cell. When she turned back around she dropped the phone in fear. Instead of a helpless child she saw…

* Imagine yourself in the shoes of a great scientist, and then write the story of how you came to make a great discovery.

* He couldn’t stand the pain anymore. He let his head droop as he slowly lost consciousness. That is how his captors came in to find him, still hanging by the chain attached to his wrists from the ceiling.

* Normally being in a gang isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be, but I was going places. I was going to take control.