Life Is Fiction

Starting off right.  It’s important in sports, jobs and interviews, school, relationships, and all sorts of other things.  Unsurprisingly, it’s also important in writing (and every other kind of storytelling).  Sure there are amazing books with opening lines that are yawn-worthy, and sure there are amazing opening lines that lead you into 300 pages of the worst story ever.  But I doubt anybody is planning on writing the worst story ever, so why not start your story off in the best way possible?

My most recent short story, The Man in the Black BMW, begins like this:

“Bernard was old and even though he hated the idea of death, it was always on his mind.”

Is this the best opening line ever written?  No.  Does it sound a little too dramatic?  Yes, probably.  But it fits the plot and theme of the story, and it does several things that I like.

1. …

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