* She had lived her whole life as an ordinary girl. That was the reason she was so unprepared when her world came crashing down around her.

* He stepped out of the two-story farmhouse with grimly determined eyes. He checked the gun he was holding one final time, and patted his vest pocket to make sure he had remembered the spare bullets. Then he headed off into the woods to hunt…

* It’s not fun being shot at. It makes you want to fight back, even when you know you kind of deserve it. I deserved it. After everything I’ve done, I couldn’t pretend otherwise. Too bad for them I wasn’t the type to just lay down and die.

* When I went to clean out my newly deceased grandmother’s home, I already knew she wasn’t exactly a person who  picked up after herself. When I made it to her house, I learned she hadn’t exactly passed on yet. Well, she always was a stubborn one.

* Leopard print. Everywhere I looked was leopard print. What kind of school was this exactly?