I fall on the handwriting side, though I do type it up afterward. It gives me a chance to reread and edit.

Life Is Fiction


Okay, nobody actually writes in cursive anymore.  Unless you’re from the ancient days when handwriting was an actual subject in school.  Like my mom.  But hey, it’s an alliteration and it sounds cooler than ‘Keys or Pens?’, or ‘Keys or Handwriting?’, or ‘Keys or Block Letters?’.  So I lured you in here.  Sue me.

This question, no matter how it’s worded, stems from the fact that somewhere through the stumbling of years, the beauty and creativity symbolized by a cursive page written in a journal or on a loose leaf page of paper was replaced by the quickness of the keyboard and the blinking cursor’s promise of endless possibilities.  Especially for writers born in the 2000s, and those yet to be born, the blank page is no longer an invitation to create – the empty screen is.

We know what we have gained.  We can type more quickly, erase with a button, copy and paste…

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