This is the second time that the blog has been updated and things moved around. Hopefully this will make the site easier to navigate, as well as add some exciting new pages and information.

  • First, you may have noticed that there have been several re-blogged article, especially in June. This was because I didn’t have much time to do my own blog articles, and I found some great articles on other blogs. You can now find all of the re-blogged articles under the category “Re-blogged Articles)
  • An Interview page has been added. Although there is currently nothing on the page, it will have videos and links to interviews with various writing professionals.
  • The Scam category has been removed, there is a post (with links) which you can find here.
  • A How-To page has also been created. These will feature links to articles explaining how to do different writing tasks.
  • Underneath the “writing” category, there have been several subcategoies added.
  • The “About” page has turned into “About This Blog.”
  • Added an “About the Author” page, including a “get in touch section.”
  • Created blog schedule for 2015 (although that is not available on the blog)
  • Added subtitled versions of a few videos.
  • Finally, it came to my attention that I had forgotten to specify what categories several of my articles should go to. The tags were also missing. Most of these have been corrected, although there are still several more that haven’t been.
  • A few empty categories have been deleted, but to be honest I forget which ones they were.