Are you looking for the perfect career? Are you a self-starter and go-getter, and all around interesting person? Do you prefer to work long hours alone while making little or no money for all of your effort? I know what you are thinking. Where can I find a job that I can be happy in given all my little idiosyncrasies and my aversion to the real world? Well look no further! Here are the reasons such a unique person as yourself should consider pursuing a career in the literary arts.

1. Eccentrics Welcome!

2. You can meet interesting people and characters, even if some of them aren’t real.

3. Writing can make you feel better about yourself and your life, while you are making your characters suffer.

4. Pen and paper are cheaper than brushes and canvas.

5. It’s free to travel to any world you can imagine. (frequent flyer miles not accepted.)

6. You will always know when you employee is faking when they call in sick (it’s not that easy to lie to yourself).

7. You can usually be professional in pajamas.

8. Other people will think you are smarter even if your book is bad (usually because they lied to you about reading it).

9. You always have a plausible excuse for looking up weird stuff.

10. Your muse doesn’t get paid overtime.