While the seven deadly sins are most often thought about in a religious context, we can also use them as inspiration for writing. These sins are well-known because no matter what your religion or background, we can all relate to them in some way. They are in fact, the sins of being human. Since we relate to them so well, giving your characters one or more of these flaws will help your audience better relate to your characters. Showing how your characters can grow and change to become less imperfect and overcome these flaws will bring closure to your audience as they finish your stories.

Lust – Intense desire

Gluttony – Over-indulgence (not just in food)

Greed – Covetousness and pursuit of material possessions

Laziness (sloth) – This can be physical and/or spiritual

Wrath – Uncontrolled feelings of hate and anger

Envy – Discontent towards others’ good fortunes

Pride – Believing you are better than others