• She stood at the edge of the harbor and looked down at the fog that was so thick, a person would be hard pressed to see the water. She was sure at least one person, probably a drunk, would end up drowned by mistaking the fog covered water for land. She smiled darkly to herself and turned away. She would be more than happy to help them die.


  • A flame in the sky? Very unusual for the ice encrusted planet.


  • A ghost? Or a fairy? Even while knowing it was unwise to do so, he took a step forward, eyes straining to see the truth of the creature before him.


  • The stream started to run again as she slowly climbed down her tree. Her eyes were wide and her ears alert for any sign that the predator was returning.


  • He gathered the flowers as quickly as he could. The drug that could be made from these had the power to change the world, and now he had a steady supply. Provided no one else stumbled upon this little out-of-the-way valley, of course.