• You are an exchange student in a small country when an epidemic virus hits. There is no cure and the country you are in is suddenly quarantined, leaving you stranded abroad. The panic caused by the virus leaves the country without news of the outside world. What happens when the quarantine is finally lifted? Is the rest of the world safe or did they also succumb to the virus?


  • Everyone around you suddenly stops moving. They are still alive, but seem frozen in time. While you are trying to figure out what is going on you are approached by another person who is unaffected. Why were you spared and are there others? What is going on?


  • You meet a new friend, but realize that you are in over your head when you discover he/she is being hunted by an alien assassin.


  • You are swimming in the ocean with your friends when you get pulled under by the undertow. You black out and wake up in an underwater city. When you try to leave you are told you cannot and must spend the rest of your life there. What happens?