It has been a rough couple of months for me. My day job is in retail and we all know how busy it gets around the holiday season. Also I had a death in the family in November and I am trying to find a new place to live. All this adds up to not much time to blog. Normally I try to schedule my posts a couple of weeks in advance, but I haven’t had much time to write, and most of what I have written are my own projects. What does this mean? It means December is going to be very light on my own written posts. Instead I will be reblogging articles I find interesting.

Finally my holiday rant: If you are a parent who is about to spend hours shopping for presents and necessities, AND you have children who you do not want to watch, DO NOT think that it is okay to let your children run amok in the toy department while you sneak off to the other side of the store. Watch them or leave them at home. Your retail store employees thank you for your understanding and compliance.