They are many and varied, so I’ll just touch on each. These, as usual, come from writing I admire, so don’t copy them. Use them to inspire your own creativity:

Open land

  • Flat, dry, and monotonous, a seemingly limitless scrub waste without landmarks or water or other relief

    open land

  • Great sandstone outcropping
  • Easing over humps and trenches, potholes and stone rivers, bashing through the trees where a track is blocked, the bucking climbs up steep eroded banks
  • This wasn’t a Sahara-like desert of sand dunes. There were sporadic tufts of trees, acacia and baobab, and on-again off-again grasses and shrubs as far as the eye could see atop the brown earthen crust, a surface that looked as hard as stone and somehow even less inviting.
  • A large outcropping of bundled roots from the remains of a dead baobab had broken free from the hard pack alongside the road and needed to…

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