At 3:00 am in Oakville, Washington on August 7, 1994 it began to rain. This was no ordinary rain however. It wasn’t water that was falling from the sky, but a gelatinous substance. Over the next few weeks, this gelatinous substance would fall a total of six times. There has been a history of strange things falling from the sky, even animals, but this case would prove to be one of the strangest, and scariest.

By the afternoon of the first day many of the residents of the small town had fallen ill. They reported a variety of symptoms including blurred vision, difficulty breathing, vertigo, and nausea. The illness would affect most people for two to three months.

A sample of the strange rain was collected and sent to a lab to be tested. Although what it was couldn’t be identified, it was found to have human white blood cells. It was also found to have two types of bacteria, one that was found in the human digestive symptom. Later another microbiologist thought he saw Eukaryote cell, which would suggest that the substance was or at one time had been alive.

There have been several theories proposed to explain this phenomenon. Some suggest that it was mishandled “blue ice” from an airplane. This is human waste that is supposed to be dyed blue, and not released mid-flight. The fact that the rain fell numerous times would make this scenario unlikely. Further the labs would have found more evidence pointing to the origin being human in nature. Some say that it was a school of jellyfish that had accidentally been blown up while the military was doing bombing runs in the pacific. Oakville is only 50 miles inland. Again the number of times the rain fell would discredit this scenario. A far more unsettling theory states that the military was involved in a secret experiment. They were either testing the effects of a new biological weapon, or trying to gauge how one might be used on a population, and the residents of Oakville were just unwitting participants. The military denies any knowledge of what might have happened, but several residents had noticed slow-moving military aircraft in the skies above their town right before the rain started to fall. The case has never been solved and no samples of the substance exist today.