• A friend gives you a strange video game for your birthday and insists that you play it. When you turn it on you are immediately sucked into the game. How do you get out? Did your friend mean for this to happen?


  • While walking home one day you see a fight between a couple. The fight is escalating quickly and you are afraid that you might have to step in, but things aren’t quite what they seem.


  • There is a factory on the edge of town, but no one is quite sure what is being made there. Bored and curious  you decide to investigate one weekend. When you get there the building seems to be empty, but all the equipment is running. What’s going on?


  • A begins to notice that several of his patients have a small lump at the back of the neck where the brain stem begins. Worried that there might be some strange new disease going around he decides to investigate and discovers that the lump is actually made of small pieces of metal. Taking them out to examine them causes them to come alive and try to crawl into other living people.


  • You come home one day to find a strange creature sitting in the middle of your bed. Just when you are about to call someone it begins to talk…