• You come across a strange website with several videos. While you are going through the site you discover several videos that have you in them. After watching a couple you realize that although the face and clothes are yours, you are doing things that you don’t remember doing.


  • You are a political PR person who is supposed to spin a scandal into a positive situation. What do you say and do to accomplish this task.


  • You are flying in an airplane when it suddenly flies through what seems to be a strange portal. The plane loses control and crashes on what is obviously an alien planet. You and the few others who managed to survive are captured by the natives. What happens?


  • Your parents call you and tell you that something important has happened and you need to meet them immediately. You never expected what you found when you arrived.


  • The Earth is dying, but you have been chosen to be one of the few people evacuated to a new world. The problem is you can only take one other family member with you. Who do you choose and why? How do you tell the ones who aren’t going?