LA Ryter

I recently joined a writer’s group. Weird right, aren’t writers creatures of the dark huddled over glowing screens feverishly typing and hogging the coffee pot?  Ok, so I exaggerated.  A little.  Anyway, we review different submissions and have done some flash fiction.  There have been one/two that could qualify for horror, one rather reminiscent of Stephen King‘s style: subtle and psychological.  With October coming up and another opportunity to try my hand at flash fiction (of which I admit openly a nose-picking monkey could probably do better), I have reflected on my childhood which was spent engrossed in Goosebumps, watching Tales of the Crypt, trying to be the first kid to snatch a copy of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark and, in later years, dark manga. scary story cover I read a piece from about four months ago that discussed how horror stories are healthy for children. The…

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