Shannon A Thompson


I was featured on Lit World Interviews, and we discussed Take Me Tomorrow, including the meaning of the title, a few reviews, and what I love most about my characters. I spoke of Sophia and Noah, stating, “when the two come together, a dark serenity clears the tension around them.” But you can read the full interview by clicking here or check out the dark serenity by looking here.

My latest poem – The Autumn Railroad – was added to my interactive poetry series on Wattpad. Be sure to like, comment, and/or share for your chance to be mentioned on Coffee and Cats. Here’s the opening two lines:

“it was a place of great indifference, the type

of indifference that only happens in limbo…”

The Five Emotional Stages of a Book Signing

On Thursday night, I had my first book signing in seven years, and…

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