Every generation has their own way of communicating. Sometimes those funny terms stand the test of time, and sometimes they become outdated fairly quickly. Here are some of my favorite funny slang terms.

Rabbit Ears – Old television antenna. (It makes you feel old when you realize there are people born who have never had the experience of dealing with those evil things.)

Gazoozle – To cheat.

Copacetic – Very good; Alright; No problems.

Daddy’s Car – A conservative looking car.

Fink – Tattletale.

Gutt Waddin’ – Any type of cheap fast food.

Hodad – A non-surfer.

Jump Bad – Looking for a fight; Acting tough.

Kybo – The bathroom.

Ossified – Drunk; Intoxicated.

Oyster – A good guy.

Rasta – Good-bye.

Rattletrap – Old, broken-down car.

Rhubarb – Argument; Squabble.

Dry Up – To stop talking.

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