Graphology is the rather fascinating study of writing. In a world that is increasingly relying on printed and electronic communication, many people might be surprised to find that their handwriting can still say much about their personality and outlook. It can be a fun and inexpensive hobby.

To obtain a good handwriting sample you need unlined paper and a sample of at least 100 words. A fountain or ball point pen should also be used, whichever the writer typically uses. The sample should also be original and not copied material, and no poetry. Whether you are right or left handed can also affect the results. These results are for righties.

If you are curious, here is a handwriting test you can take online using your computer. Not very accurate, and you are the one who tells the computer what characteristics your writing has, but it is an interesting introduction. Handwriting Personality Quiz


  • Slant to the right – an extrovert. someone who like to interact with the world around them and is very expressive. Sociable and impulsive with a tendency to think about the future.
  • Straight up and down – Works well alone. Logical and in control of their emotions.
  • Slant to the left – an independent who tends to work better alone. Can lack spontaneity, but may also be expressing a rebellious side.


  • Large – Likes to stand out with a big personality.
  • Small – Introspective and meticulous. The writer can also be resourceful and thrifty with an ability to concentrate easily.
  • Average – Well adjusted and adaptable.


  • Small spaced words – The writer is talkative and spontaneous.
  • Large spaced words – Inhibited, isolated, but cultured.


  • Narrow line spacing – Thrifty and frugal, but a hasty decision maker.
  • Wide line spacing – Lonely, but well-mannered with good organization skills.