• Your character meets her soulmate, only to have him die. Years later she has finally managed to move on, but one day the man she thought had died shows up on her doorstep.


  • A rookie cop doesn’t know what he is getting into when he is assigned to patrol a haunted neighborhood.


  • Your character is a powerful, but selfish, psychic who dies suddenly. Instead of passing on, the soul attaches to the first bystander it comes into contact with. Now your character has to decide whether to move on or get a second chance at life by sacrificing the soul of the other person.


  • A man is determined to propose to his girlfriend despite the fact that his friends, family, and fate itself all seem to be conspiring against him.


  • A girl is certain she is going to be fired from the job she loves. Resentful that she has to train the person who is to be her replacement, she decides to make his life as miserable as possible, not realizing he is actually the spoiled heir to the company.