In 1930s Mexico, in a cave, a young girl found a skeleton of a normal human woman lying on the ground. Near the woman’s skeleton, there was a small hand sticking up out of the dirt. Curious, the young girl began to dig. The owner of the small hand was another skeleton which looked misshapen all over. Unfortunately, only the skull remains. It is this skull that has become known as the “starchild skull.”

Starchildren are children who are half alien and half human. There are several cultures with stories about otherworldly beings that come down to impregnate human women. The child is usually raised by the village until its father returns for it.

The skull was obtained by paranormalist Lloyd Pye from a couple who lived in Texas. He claims to have made every effort to explain the deformities of the skull, but has come up empty-handed. There are many who believe the skull is the genuine remains of alien/human breeding or even genetic manipulation. Others claim that the skull disfigurations are consistent with the characteristics of congenital hydrocephalus.

One way to be sure is DNA testing, but it seems this is also a little strange. Wikipedia says that the DNA test came back as entirely human, as both X- and Y-chromosomes were found, but the official starchild project website claims only the Y-chromosomes were found and that the sample may have been contaminated.

In 2003 testing revealed that the mother was probably a Native American woman, but this result is also disputed. The starchild project claims that in 2010 another DNA test resulted in finding that a “substantial percentage of that DNA has ‘no significant similarity’ to any DNA previously found on Earth.” In 2011 another geneticist working on the project discovered that the mitochondrial DNA was also radically different from human DNA. Meaning that the mother was also not human.

Other Mysteries:

  • The skull is less than 1/3 the thickness of the bone in a human skull.
  • The starchild’s skull is much harder than a human skull.
  • The mouth was infant sized with a flat roof, as opposed to arched, indicating a small or missing tongue.
  • The starchild had much larger inner ears.

Possible Theories:

  • A known genetic condition, or more likely several conditions.
  • A new species of human.
  • A human/alien hybrid.
  • An extraterrestrial.