• Re-write one of your favorite mysteries using modern-day high school students.


  • One of your closest friends confides in you that they cheated on a test for a promotion at work. Your friend gets the promotion, but is using the new position to embezzle funds. When you confront your friend s/he says that there is a good explanation. What is it and what do you do?


  • Take some time to review a few movies or stories and write down all the technical problems you can find. Plot holes, continuity errors, etc. Then figure out a way the writers could have resolved the issue without hurting the story.


  • Your character finds out that their boss is a serial killer, but instead of turning him in, he tries to blackmail him. What happens?


  • Write a mystery featuring a detective on a plane. S/he has to solve the mystery before the plane lands and the suspects get away.