It seems like there are a lot of good stories have characters who do things that are a little less than intelligent. We all have our list of things that characters do that just rub us the wrong way. Here’s mine.

Lack Priorities – I’m talking about the character who is running for their life, but has to go back to get the camera or favorite knick-knack.

Ignore Good Advice – “Don’t go into the woods in the dark,” “Don’t go into the basement,” “Don’t spend the night locked in that haunted, abandoned prison,” “Stay away from the creepy creature with glowing eyes,” “Run!” Horror movie characters are especially good at not following directions, but the problem is common in other genres as well.

Fail To Have A Plan B – If the best plan a group of characters can come up with is “Hey, let’s storm that fortified and heavily guarded fortress with just the five of us,” maybe they should sit down and do a little more brainstorming.

They Trust The Wrong People – Sometimes that weird person who shows up in the nick of time with that inside information is too good to be true.

They Don’t Let People Die – When an idiot runs off on his own despite knowing the danger, maybe the rest of the group should just let him go. Letting stupid, unnecessary people die can only increase everyone else’s chance for survival. Also goes for that heroic rescue which kills off three times as many people than gets saved.

No Fight Or Flight Response – When confronted with danger most people either try to fight their way out of it or they try to run from it. Standing around doing nothing should not be an option.