I fought a war today,
the battlefield my body, my heart, my mind.
I tackled hidden battles raging beneath my skin,
I stood valiantly against my opponent,
I wrestled with anxiety,
I shot down thoughts of hopelessness,
I riddled negativity with bullets
and clashed with the jagged edges of apathy.

I fought a war today,
and all the while I felt my resistance crumbling
and with each passing moment I felt
another chink in my armor,
another scar on my heart,
another crack in the walls
that I have so carefully constructed,
and although I may not be unscathed,
although I may not be whole,
I am still here.

I fought a war today,
I struggled to escape from the clutches of sleep
so laden with false comfort
so full of the promise of nothing
so safe from the threat of combat,
but I broke free from captivity,
and I…

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