• After surgery to remove a tumor from her brain, a woman realizes that she can no longer dream when she goes to sleep. Upset with this unexpected side effect, she decides to try to get her dreams back.


  • Your character leads a boring life, until she realizes that her sister is acting strangely and decides to follow her around. She quickly realizes that something big is going on and she might be over her head.


  • You meet a new friend at work and she tells you that she is psychic. At first you don’t believe her, but the things she predicts are starting to come true. It is amusing at first, until she predicts that you will die at the end of the week.


  • Super intelligent frogs begin congregating in your backyard. Where are they coming from? What do you do?


  • While hiking through a forest you come across a large cave and decide to go exploring. Inside everything looks normal, until you go further in and come across paintings and artifacts that make you think it was previously occupied by some kind of primate from outer space.