In addition to a disturbing tendency to develop several mental conditions, like depression, writers are also likely to develop physical problems as well. The object of this post is to introduce some of these problems and ways to avoid them.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Occurs when a nerve in the wrist is compressed because of swelling in the nerve, the tendons or both. One of the things that can cause the symptoms of the syndrome is excessive repetitive movement (such as prolonged typing.)

Cubital Tunnel Syndrome – Like carpal tunnel syndrome it is caused by the compression of the nerve, but in this case the nerve is located close to the elbow. Like carpal tunnel syndrome it can also cause pain in the hand and arm.

Tendonitis – This is caused by inflammation of a tendon.

Lower Back Pain – pretty self-explanatory. Usually caused by incorrect posture.

Neck Pain

Computer Vision Syndrome (Eye Pain)

Slow Metabolism – Decreased activity can lead to a permanent slowing of metabolism, meaning that when you do get up to exercise it will be less effective.

Increased Risk of Diabetes – This is especially true of women.

Musculoskeletal Disorders

Higher Risk of Death – This could be from a myriad of health problems that you have a higher risk of getting with too much sitting and too little exercise.

Tips To Avoid Problems:

  • Exercise regularly
  • Use your leisure time to be active
  • Treadmill Desk
  • Activity Monitors and screen alerts
  • agronomic keyboards
  • Adjusting chair and screen
  • Pay attention to your body
  • Stretch Muscles (body and hands)
  • Use correct posture
  • Sufficient light to reduce eye strain
  • Take breaks
  • Use office ergonomics