I recently started a fundraiser event for the ASPCA. The actual event will be in January, but I am currently gathering animal related stories for a book to give away to donators. If you are interested in helping out by donating a story please send your story as a word document to writers2therescue@yahoo.com. If you would like to include a picture of your pet, please include as .jpg attachment (separate from the word document)

  1. Stories must be original work.
  2. You understand you will not receive any compensation for the stories.
  3. Stories can be whatever genre you want.
  4. Inclusion into the collection(s) will be at my sole discretion.
  5. Stories will be published under your name or pen name(make sure you include it in the email) and may be reused as on other fundraisers, but will not be published or used in any other capacity.

Visit the page: https://www.aspca.org/team/writers_rescue