You Write Fiction

I started writing fiction when I was about 10 years old. For those of you who don’t know my age, that was twelve and a half years ago. Do the math.

I still remember the first novel I ever started (and never finished). Since then, I’ve grown A LOT as a writer and a person (I hope). I’ve learned a thing or two about my craft and about myself.

Fun fact: I won my first short story contest when I was twelve. It was a school contest. Mine was the only entry.

If I stumbled upon a time-machine and could go back to visit my younger self, here are five things I would tell myself (from a writer’s perspective):

To 20-year-old me… “Don’t rush. Be patient, be thorough. Write hard, edit harder, proofread hardest.”

To 18-year-old me… “Value humility. You’re good, but you’re not great. Be teachable and study your…

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