So you want to plan out your characters ahead of time, but you don’t know where to start? Maybe you are writing an epic about a family, but you are having trouble keeping all the aunts and uncles separate. Perhaps you just want to make the task of writing back story for characters a little easier. Or maybe, just maybe, you are actually interested in your own genealogy and family history. Either way there are several websites that offer free resources for amateur genealogists. Writers can also use them to help with character development. Just make up what you put on the forms to fit your characters needs.

Midwest Genealogy Center – Family History Forms (The research log can also be used for general research of whatever you want to write. A great way to keep track and you can substitute a web address for the dewey number if you are doing an online search.)

National Archives – Ancestral and Family Charts

(Lots of other resources for genealogists as well.)

Bailey’s Free Genealogy Forms – Various Forms