Writing Prompts pt. 99

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  • Write down your New Year’s writing resolutions.


  • You see a meteorite crash down and when you go to investigate you find it covered with strange hieroglyphics.


  • You are watching t.v. on New Year’s day when you see a news report that says scientists expect the world to end at the end of this year. What happens?


  • You travel back in time and realize you are in a parallel universe, but when you try to get back you get lost among the multitude of parallel universes.

Tips For Writing A Memoir

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  1. Make it interesting – Just because it happened doesn’t mean it must be told. Remember that your memories will always mean more to you than to other people.
  2. Write your memoir in the first person – It’s about you after all. Using I, my, me, etc. is acceptable.
  3. Tell the bad – A perfect life is impossible. It is our faults and failings that bring us together and make life interesting.
  4. Be yourself – Try to stay as true to your own voice as possible.
  5. Distance yourself – This can help when writing about a traumatic experience, as well as helping you to see different perspectives of the event.
  6. Use fiction writing techniques – Show, don’t tell, build suspense, learn to write good dialogue, make your setting a character, etc. This will help keep your readers entertained and help to make them more invested in a story.

Writing Prompts pt. 102

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  • When a giant military robot falls from space you decide to steal it for yourself in order to keep it from falling into the wrong hands.


  • A girl is sent a locket by her grandmother that is supposed to allow her to call up her very own knight. When she tries it out not only does it work, but the knight happens to be the cutest boy in her school.


  • You’ve heard of killing people with kindness? Well what are you supposed to do when smiling at someone means that they will literally end up dead?


  • Your character has had a recurring dream of a girl locked in a cage, then one day the girl from his dream transfers into his class. What is the mystery behind the dream?


  • You find an asteroid that contains some very valuable and rare minerals, and hurry to claim it. Now someone is trying to kill you off and claim it as their own.

Ways To End The World

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There are few things as morbidly fun to ponder as how the world might end or, for us writers, how we might end the worlds we create. To end October, here is a list of ways the world could end. Enjoy!

  • Asteroid/meteor impact
  • Robot Apocalypse
  • Pandemic (natural or man made)
  • Reversal of Earth’s magnetic field
  • Nuclear war
  • Alien invasion
  • Genetically engineered species/mutant
  • Earth is knocked out of orbit
  • Earth comes in contact with a black hole
  • Super Volcano
  • Earth is knocked significantly off its axis
  • Gamma ray burst
  • Ozone or atmosphere disappears
  • Giant solar flare
  • Global warming
  • Nanotechnology runs wild
  • Divine intervention
  • All atoms suddenly cease to exist at the same time (theoretically possible, although highly improbable)
  • Strangelets, antimatter, and other deadly particles
  • Deconstructed by a self-replicating machine (think Star Gate)

Writing Prompts pt. 98

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  • Ordering the quilt online seemed like a good idea at the time, until it turned into the quilt from hell!


  • Create your own funny ghoul for Halloween. Why does it exist and how does it haunt?


  • You are given a diamond necklace, but don’t realize it is cursed. What happens?


  • What would it be like to be the last living human in a world of zombies?


  • I walked slowly up the steps to the front door. Everyone thought that the house was scary, but I was going to show them that I wasn’t afraid. Unfortunately, it was hard to keep that in mind with my legs shaking so hard. Still I persevered. I’m no quitter. At least, that was my thought before I knocked on the door and it opened to reveal…

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