Interesting Videos

Note (Feel free to skip this part): This is my section of videos that I have seen that are the most interesting. All the videos were chosen based on there video concept or story, except Schoolhouse Rock which I chose because Schoolhouse Rock is awesome. If a video’s lyrics are necessary to understand the story I will not put it in unless I can find a version with subtitles on screen. Therefore you can rest assured that if a video says it doesn’t have subs, its general story is still understandable. A video is considered subtitled if the subs are in English. A video with subs in a different language will be put down as having no subs. I am trying to find versions of all videos with English subs, but that is taking a backseat to adding new content, so don’t expect it anytime soon.


Song: K; Artist: Bump of Chicken; Language: Japanese; Subtitles: Yes

Song: Lovey Dovey; Artist: T-ara; Language: Korean; Subtitles: No (This is the Zombie Ver. BTW)

Song: Agent J; Artist: Jolin Tsai; Language: Mandarin Chinese; Subtitles: No (sorry I couldn’t find the video on youtube)

Song: Boku No Tegami; Artist: Zone; Language: Japanese; Subtitles: No

Song: Linnansa Vanki; Artist: Indica; Language: Finnish; Subtitles: No (lyrics and translation in 2nd video)

Song: I’m Just A Bill; Artist: Schoolhouse Rock; Language: English; Subtitles: No

Song: Pray; Artist: Sunnyhill; Language: Korean; Subtitles: Yes

Song: Laika; Artist: Rockleetist; Language: English; Subtitles: Yes

Song: ผู้ชายห้ามเข้า (Translated to something like “No men allowed”); Artist: Hotel3 (according to the not so accurate google translator); Language: Thai; Subtitles: No (There is a rather lengthy opening scene where all they do is talk, you can cut to the chase by going to 1:10. The actual music starts at 2:35)

Song: Escape Of Salmhofer The Witch; Artist: Meiko (I believe that is the name of the vocaloid); Language: Japanese; Subtitles: Yes (There are actually several video in this “story,” but I will only show the first one)

Song: Come Back Home; Artist: 2NE1; Language: Korean; Subtitles: Yes (if you can’t see the subs, try hitting the closed caption button [CC])

Song: Don’t Go My Love; Artist: Lim Jeong Hee; Language: Korean; Subtitles: No

Michio Kaku – Physics of the Impossible Series Episode 1


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