New Year’s Writing Resolutions!


It’s a new year which means it is the perfect time to both take a look back and reflect on the last year and plan out the year ahead. Ask yourself if you accomplished everything you hoped to this past year. Hopefully the answer is “no.” Not because I want you to do badly, I’m not usually that mean. Rather I believe that writers should have so many plans and dreams that it would be impossible to have everything.

Either way, get out your pen and paper (or computer for you younglings) and prepare to start this year off right by writing down what you hope to get out of your writing career in the months to come. Here are some of the resolutions off my list, feel free to post your own in the comments. Good Luck and Happy New Year!

  • Finish at least three books, including one novel.
  • Stick to my schedule of writing at least five days a week, regularly.
  • Practice making ebook covers.
  • Work on editing my manuscripts in a timely manner (I usually despise editing).
  • Go to six new places or events (writing fodder).
  • Win a writing competition.
  • Get published in a print or online magazine.
  • Learn at least five new skills (more writing fodder).
  • Win Nanowrimo.
  • Finish my first screenplay.
  • Work on branding and marketing myself.
  • Make at least one good book trailer.

A Writer’s Resolutions

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It’s a new year with new possibilities. The time is perfect to try to plot your growth through the next year as a writer. So what are your goals? What kind of milestones should you try to reach? What new things will you try? Here are some ideas and suggestions to help you set your writing resolutions for the new year.

How much will you write per day/week/month etc.? – Probably the easiest goal to set is how much you should try to write. Whether it is in pages, words, or projects, you should have some idea of what it will be.

How much time will you spend writing? – How many hours a day do you want to write? You couldĀ  even set how much time you want to spend on other writing activities, like promotion.

What projects will you finish? – You could be general and say that you will finish a screenplay or novel, or list actual titles that you plan to work on.

Do you have any publishing goals? – Is there a certain amount of projects you hope to get published? Do you want to try self-publishing or traditional publishing?

Is there something new you want to try? – Is there a new form or genre you want to try to write in? Maybe a new subject you want to write an article about?

New promotion methods? – Are there new promotion or advertising methods you would like to try? Social media, post cards at a conference, flyers, or a booth at a book fair?

Happy New Year 2015!!!

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Happy New Years! I hope your year was as great as mine was, and I hope your next year is even better. Thanks for supporting this blog and my rather fragile self-esteem by reading the articles here. I hope to bring you even more articles to help and inspire writers at every stage in their career, and learn new things to help me progress in mine. Good luck and Happy Writing!

Happy New Year!!!

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So we’ve reached the end of one year and the beginning of the next. Have you decided on your resolutions? I hope they include writing and learning new things. I would just like to thank you for sticking with this blog and hope you will continue our support in the future. Here are my New Year’s Resolutions to you:

  1. Keep posting interesting tidbits.
  2. Keep publishing interesting and helpful books.
  3. Get more involved in twitter and email.

That’s it! I know it doesn’t seem like much, but I have commitment issues, so this is more than enough for me to concentrate on. Good luck in the new year and may you all be happy and successful!