Writing Prompts pt. 99

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  • Write down your New Year’s writing resolutions.


  • You see a meteorite crash down and when you go to investigate you find it covered with strange hieroglyphics.


  • You are watching t.v. on New Year’s day when you see a news report that says scientists expect the world to end at the end of this year. What happens?


  • You travel back in time and realize you are in a parallel universe, but when you try to get back you get lost among the multitude of parallel universes.

Writing Prompts pt. 88

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  • What if the entire planet was covered in lava and people lived on ships which could sail on top of it?


  • How would you handle being given the responsibility of saving a city from a plague of locusts?


  • What if one day everyone suddenly lost the ability to speak?


  • Your friend gives you a lead on a good-paying job, but you don’t find out until after you are hired that it is really a front for a group of assassins.


  • What would you do if you suddenly started growing wings?

Writing Prompts pt. 7

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by Elizabeth Huff

  • Your character accidentally overhears a conversation that he thinks is about one thing, but is actually about something else.
  • Insects have some strange hunting and eating habits. Write a story about what the world would be like if humans had the same habits.
  • A platypus is generally considered to be an odd creature. Write a story about how you think the platypus came to evolve to its current form, or how it came to be discovered.
  • What does a cheating wife, a mob boss, a strung out stripper, and a forgettable doorman have in common? A church confession booth. Well, that and a plot to rob a bank.
  • Passengers on a cruise around the Bahamas come back to port only to realize they’ve been gone for 20 years, and that when they had disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle they had been presumed dead.